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Create VCARD in QR Code

A nice site I’ve found today, was [1] where you can create a VCARD encoded as a QR code. Altough my QRCode reader on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich had problems reading the code, I’ve created on and I’ll test it using other software soon. Anyway, check out yourself 🙂


Ipv6 Kongress Frankfurt 2012

Hello there! Today I flew over to Frankfurt, Germany to attend the IPv6 Kongress organized by Heise [1]. I’m really glad to be there as it gives me other insights regarding this topic. I’m currently busy writing my bachelor’s thesis about IPv6 Security. I expect to get a walth of informaiton for during the next…

DNSNINJA 0.1 Released

Hello folks, I finally managed to release my first working version of DNSNINJA, a DNS host enumeration tool which makes use of wordlists. The to do list is long, so I hope to release an improved version soon. Anyway, get the tool and try it out yourself. You’ll find source code and documenation in [1].…

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard

Introduction The Payment Card Industry, especially every company involved in storing, processing or transmitting cardholder data, must maintain processes and infrastructure according to a security standard, defined by the PCI Security Standards Council. This article is based on the document “Payment Card Industry (PCI) Date Security Standard – Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures”. At the…