Why Privacy Matters

I decided to create this post in order to collect articles and statemens from people regarding privacy. The aim is, to raise awareness on this topic to all the people who think, that privacy doesn’t matter. Collected Articles Date Published Title 16.06.2015 “Wer nichts zu verbergen hat, ist ein langweiliger Mensch” (Tages Anzeiger) LinkAm Mittwoch…

UBS Phishing Mails

It seems that some folks are trying to fool people by asking them to click a hyperlink in the email. Please so not click this link, since the chance of executing malware on your PC is very high. Immediately delete the email. There are several indicators, which confirm our suspicion: The writing style is really…

Hashdays 2012 Ticket – Yes!

Hashdays, I’ll come! Just bought my ticket to this awesome conference, happening in Lucerne each year (see [1]).Beneath all the technical talks, I’m relly looking forward to attending the well-established hashdays party friday evening. Just in case you read this post, drop me a comment. We’ll see us at the con!

[1] http://www.hashdays.ch

Security Fail

Look at this picture of an image I’ve found hyperlinked on Bruce Schneier’s Blog. It seems as it was absolutely impossible to find a better background for the interview. *LOOOOL* and EPIC FAIL.

[1] http://www.frontlinesentinel.com/2012/05/mlb-security-fail-lol-worthy.html
[2] http://www.schneier.com