The XyloForKids iOS mobile application is a simple mobile application aimed at the youngest. Its sole purpose is to provide a simple Xylophone and let kids play on it in a fun way.

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In case of any problems, please get in touch with me at andre.gasser@gmx.ch.

DNSNINJA 0.1 Released

Hello folks, I finally managed to release my first working version of DNSNINJA, a DNS host enumeration tool which makes use of wordlists. The to do list is long, so I hope to release an improved version soon. Anyway, get the tool and try it out yourself. You’ll find source code and documenation in [1].…

Wireshark TCP Debugging

GProbe, my C/C++ port scanner project which uses a raw sockets implementation, has moved on to the next step. The TCP SYN scan functionality finally works. But there were some pitfalls until that point. What to do, when your peer doesn’t reply As soon as I accomplished the task of getting my tool to send…

News about GProbe

The last few weeks I have been busy implementing my port scanner utility. I have done a lot of testing and reading about the protocols of the TCP/IP stack, especially ICMP. Although ICMP is a rather simple protocol to implement, there was an error, which was very annoying. Today was the day, when I found…