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My name is André Gasser and I’m currently studying Computer Science at HSR Rapperswil. My main interests are Software Development, Web Application Security, Cryptography and IT Security in general. I’m currently employed as Senior Software Engineer at ISPIN, a Swiss company specialized in IT Security. Please notice, that this blog is entirely personal in nature and the content does not reflect the views and opinions of my employer nor any of the employees.

I’ve started writing this kind of blog in order to share some thoughts with you. I hope that some of them will be of certain help some day. If not, I hope you had at least some fun reading my articles and posts.

Should you have any questions related to this blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Email: andre.gasser@gmx.ch
Jabber: andre@jabber.andregasser.net
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I wish you a pleasant stay.