Article on Open Source and Recent Attacks

I’ve written an article about the recent attacks on the open source community. It seems, that attackers found a new and, unfortunately, effective way to to serious harm to open source platform providers and open source projects of several kinds. I’ve tried to put together a list of technical and organisational countermeasures which can be taken in order to prevent such attacks better in the near future.

I wrote this article for my employer. Although it’s written in German, I hope you probably can take some thoughts with you while reading it. Feedback on this article is always welcome. Let me know your what you think about the current situation. Thank you very much in advance.

Read the full article here.

One thought on “Article on Open Source and Recent Attacks

  1. Andreas

    Interesting article, as it directs awareness to helpful prevention measurements. Basically every system Administrator should know and implement, but… 🙁


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