How to Enable Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders for Minecraft 1.7.10


Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders is an awesome shader pack which adds dynamics and realism to your minecraft world, such animated leaves on trees, ultra-realistic water textures and animations, environmental effects and dynamic lighting. It is truly amazing, what this pack offers. This short tutorial shall help you getting Sonic Ether’s shaders to work with your Minecraft client on a Windoze box. Please note, that this tutorial modifies your local client setup of Minecraft. Therefore, it is advised to create a backup copy before. There is a .minecraft folder in C:\Users\\Roaming. Probably the most important folder. As for this document, I will just refer to it as the .minecraft folder.

In case you do not really know what Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders are, have a look at this video:

But for now, let’s get started by installing all the componentes required in order to get this thing up and running.

Installing the MinecraftForge API

As a first step, navigate to and download the latest version in the “1.7.10 Downloads” section. Please click on the asterisk link, not the “Installer-Win” link. If you do nevertheless, you will get some annoying advertisements which truly suck. So, just click on the asterisk to the right of the Installer-Win link and you’re fine.

Now, double-click the binary and choose the “install client” option in the installer dialog. Then click OK.

After running through MinecraftForge has been installed. Please note the new Minecraft launcher profile that gets automatically created for you, called “Forge”.

Use this whenever playing Minecraft to make sure MinecraftForge is activated.
For now, run your Minecraft client at least once using the “Forge” profile. you need to login once again, since it is a new profile. After this, close Minecraft and navigate to your .minecraft folder. You will notice a new folder called “mods”. Now we are ready to install our first mod, called “OptiFine” which is recommended, when using Sonic Ether’s shader pack.

Installing the OptiFine Mod

Navigate to and download click on the download link for “OptiFine 1.7.10 HD U A4”.

The file behind is actually a JAR archive. Just copy this file to you .minecraft\mods folder. Then start your Minecraft client again using the “Forge” profile, as mentioned before. In the main screen, click on the new “Mod” menu and verify that the OptiFine mod is contained in the list of installed mods. Good for now, quit Minecraft again. Now we continue to install the GLSL Shaders mod.

Installing the GLSL Shaders Mod

Go to the Minecraft Forums on and enter the search term “shaders mod karyonix”. in the search results choose the appropriate post (see image below)

Now click on download link1 in the “Minecraft 1.7.10” section to download the JAR archive. After clicking through some ads, you can download the JAR archive called “ShadersModCore-v.2.3.18-mc1.7.10-f1179.jar” (or newer). Copy this file to your .minecraft\mods folder. Restart your Minecraft client (using the “Forge” profile). If you click on “Options…” in the main screen you should see a new button called “Shaders…”.

Also, there was a folder created automatically called “shaderpacks” in your .minecraft folder. If all this applies, you’re fine, and we can proceed to the next step.

Install Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders

As a next step, we need to install the shader pack itself. This is pretty straight-forward. Just go to and search for “sonic ether shaders”. Click on the appropriate post, written by “sonicether”. Scroll down to the “Latest” section and choose one of the SEUS versions to download. I chose the Ultra version. The download is in fact a ZIP file, which contains a “shaders” sub-directory. Create a new folder called “SEUS v10.1 Ultra” in your .minecraft\shaderpacks folder. Copy the whole “shaders” directory from the ZIP file to .minecraft\shaderpacks, so the final directory structure looks like .minecraft\shaderpacks\SEUS v10.1 Ultra\shaders\…”. If you don’t do it this way, the shaders won’t work. If you’re done, proceed to the last step.

Activate the Shaders

Fire up Minecraft and go to “Options…”, then “Shaders…”. On the left side, click on “SEUS v10.1 Ultra”, then make sure “CloudShadow” is set to “Off”, “tweakBlockDamage” is set to “On” and “OldLighting” is set to “Off”.

Save everything and you’re set! Now you can enjoy Minecraft in a totally different way! Have fun.

11 thoughts on “How to Enable Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders for Minecraft 1.7.10

  1. Ramit

    Hi i followed your steps but the shaders dont work
    when ever i click on them it says shaders initialized but nothing happens
    please help

    1. andre

      I am sorry to hear that your mod is causing system instability. Yes, I am almost sure they are other shaders as well. I suggest you do a quick google on “minecraft shader mod” or visit the Minecraft Forum on and do a quick search there. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried other shaders yet and therefore cannot recommend one. Regards, André

  2. Akira Melody

    so i got a shader pack for 1.7.10 right. but i can’t find where it says shaders in the options area…and advice

  3. bingbongkong

    For 1.10.2 with optifine:
    – Download OptiFine_1.10.2_HC_U_C2.jar
    – run it and point it to your .minecraft-Folder (path in the blogpost)
    – Download and put it in .minecraft/shaderpacks
    – Start your Minecraft-client and select the Optifine-profile
    – Go to Options… -> Video Settings… -> Performance… and set Fast Render to OFF
    – Go to Options… -> Video Settings… -> Shaders… and select
    – profit :o)

  4. Desiree

    Hello yes, my game keeps crashing because of the shaders mod and I can’t find another good one. Suggestions or recommendations?

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