UBS Phishing Mails

It seems that some folks are trying to fool people by asking them to click a hyperlink in the email. Please so not click this link, since the chance of executing malware on your PC is very high. Immediately delete the email.

There are several indicators, which confirm our suspicion:

  • The writing style is really bad, especially grammar. A company like UBS would never allow an email such as this on to be published to customers, since it looks to unprofessional and would therefore would harm reputation.
  • The sender address uses, a Slovakian top level domain. Who would do this? Probably not UBS… Think about that.
  • The email contains a copyright notice, which is quite pointless in this context.
  • Moreover, it is unusual that mass emails are being sent by an individual employee at UBS. Most companies use no-reply-email addresses or similar techniques.

So, dear phishers out there: This is REAL AMATEUR WORK. But the sad reality is, that even this bad piece of work will probably trick a lot of people out there… Let’s hope, that they either read this article or know how to handle such mails for themselves…

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