What Tor Is And What It Isn’t

For many people, Tor is a doubtful tool used mainly by people consuming and distributing child porn or conducting crimes of any kind, like dealing drugs and weapons and so on. Although Tor is truly used by such people (as you’ve probably read in the media), Tor is a typical dual-use technology which serves a lot of other people on the planet and allows them to circumvent so-called governmental “traffic analysis” attacks, surf the web freely without constant fear of being pursued by governments.

If Tor is completely new to you you should not form your opinion by just reading mainstream media reports about Tor. Please take your time and read / watch some of the articles / videos I have posted here, since they provide very good information on what Tor really is and what it can be used for.

Thank you for supporting the TOR community.

[1] The Tor Network [30c3] (with Jacob Applebaum)

[2] Tor: Overview

[3] Users of Tor

[4] Understanding and Using Tor – An Introduction for the Layman

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