Last Updated: 02.06.2011

Project Overview

GProbe is a basic port scanner developed in C++ which provides basic port discovery using ICMP ping sweep and port scanning techniques such as TCP FIN Scan and TCP SYN Scan.

Project Status

This project is currently under development.


  • Must run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Based on C / C++ code.
  • Supports host discovery using ICMP ping sweep.
  • Supports port scanning techniques like TCP FIN scan and TCP SYN scan.
  • more to come…

Current Version

The current version is able to perform an ICMP ping sweep. Code is working so far. To get the latest version of the source code, visit my repository at

git:// (read-only)

Open Issues

  • Do a proper initialization and cleanup of all data structures.
  • Improve error handing using exceptions.
  • Do a test run on Mac OSX and Windows XP, Vista, 7

Current Problems


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