Project Idea

Loudmouth is a wooden box, which has an arcade joystick and two buttons mounted on top. The box is quite useless, but fun. The box has some combinations programmed in (also called “combos”) which play certain sounds if found. The problem is to find those combos. The box was built by bingbongkong2daking and myself.

Technical Details

In a first version, we will build the box using an Arduino Uno R3 and an Wave Shield Kit, bought from Adafruit.

Source Code

The source code to this project will soon be published. Stay tuned.

Project History

Iteration 1

The aim of iteration 1 was to get the box running at all. bingbong and I never worked with Arduino before, so we’ve had to dig through some manuals to get things working. How should the box’s look and feel be in a first version? Where do we mount controls, LEDs and power switch? What should the first software be able to do?

Iteration 2

The next iteration of our box shall provide some major improvements to the end user. First, we’re going to replace the small red buttons with true arcade-style buttons. This makes our box more robust and raises the fun level. We use the arcade buttons from AdaFruit. Second, we replace the on/off switch with a (hopefully) better one, since we had some problems (loose connection). And the last feature to be mentioned is the true hardware-based debouncing of our buttons. Jeremy Blum provided a good tutorial on how to hardware-debounce a button. We adopted his solution a little bit by adding an additional OR logic-gate and we’re finally able to provide several hardware-debounced interrupt-driven buttons using only one interrupt on our Arduino Uno board. We used the M74HC4078B1R logic-IC from SGS-Thomson and the M74HC14B1R inverted schmitt trigger, which Jeremy used in his tutorial. Soon I will publish a small tutorial here on hardware-debounced buttons using only one interrupt. Stay tuned.